GKI Anugrah Church with Audiocenter Audio System by Mataswara

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INDONESIA: The GKI Anugerah Taman Kopo Indah Church in Bandung, West Java saw the completion of a new two-storey building to serve as its new home towards the end of 2019. The church’s main worship space is now a 300m2 auditorium on the second floor, which seats up to 260 congregants and is reinforced by an Audiocenter sound system installed by Mataswara.

Mataswara is an audio consultancy and systems integrator that was awarded the project following a demonstration it conducted for the pastor and church council. Galih Homare, an audio systems designer at Mataswara, mapped out a permanent solution for the church using EASE Focus 3 simulation software. The new solution comprises six Audiocenter K-LA210DSP active, dual 10-inch line array elements flown three-per-side with a pair of K-LA 218DSP dual 18-inch subwoofers. Front-fill is delivered by a further two K-LA210DSP elements. Homare used Rational Acoustics’ Smaart v7 software to tune and optimise the setup.

Meanwhile, the infant care room was equipped with Audiocenter’s EA508 single 8-inch point source speaker.

The pastor and church council are reportedly happy with the results, noting that every member of the congregation can hear the spoken word clearly, no matter where they are sat in the room.